Update Covid-19: May 12

Important notices, emergencies, and alerts  

  • GOVERNMENT message:
    - Wearing a mask is now strongly recommended, to protect others, when going out in public places. "If you go out of your home, wear the mask to protect others. If you leave your home, wear the mask to protect others," said Quebec Premier François Legault.

    - This measure will help stop the spread of the pandemic more quickly.

    - The Covid-19 vaccine will not be available for several months.


    1. TOILET is NOT a garbage can: disinfectant towels; women's sanitary products (tampons, etc.); cotton swabs (Q-tips); wet wipes (including disposable ones); dental products (dental floss), and condoms; go in the trash, NOT in the toilet.

    These products cause a blockages in the sewer system and increase cleaning costs.

    2. A reminder that the BINS (waste, recycling and compost) should be placed in YOUR DRIVEWAY, not on the street. it hinders street cleaning, as trucks have to bypass the bins. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Last Friday's fundraiser, at the Cunningham’s Pub, with music by Jeff Smallwood, raised $4,200 for food banks of Pincourt.

  • HEALTH Measures:
    1- Wash your hands regularly.
    2- In public places, make sure you stay 2 metres away from others.
    3- The government, now, recommend wearing a mask is public places, to protect others.

  • INFORMATION - Resources:
    Coronavirus page: To learn more about local resources (psychological, food troubleshooting, etc.) visit the 

    Our municipal services are open.
    Call us or write to us:
    - 514 453-8981
    - information@villepincourt.qc.ca

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