Update Covid-19: May 22

Important notices, emergencies, and alerts  

  • Government announcement:
    - As of May 29: Autorisation for reopening museums and drive-in theaters throughout Quebec.
    - As of June 1: Resumption of activities for recording studios and the taping of live shows without an audience.
    - For more information: Gradual resumption of activities under the COVID-19-related pause

  • Health measures:
    1- Wash your hands regularly.
    2- In public places, make sure you stay 2 meters away from others.
    3- The government now recommends wearing a mask in public places, to protect others.

  • Easing of rules on gatherings:
    - As of today (May 22), restricted outdoor gatherings will be allowed under certain conditions:
    - Maximum of 10 people
    - From a maximum of 3 different households (people living under the same address represents one household)
    - Outside the house
    - Distance of 2 meters between each person
    - The government recommends wearing the mask in public places.


  • Dog run (d'Ambrosio Park):
    - Opening: May 22
    - Compliance with public health gathering and distancing measures
    - Complete rules: HERE

  • Municipal Parks:
    - Parks: open (for walking, cycling, and green spaces)
    - Skatepark open 
    - Play modules and sports facilities: closed
    - Compliance with public health gathering and distancing measures

  • Information - Resources:
    Coronavirus page: To learn more about local resources (psychological, food troubleshooting, etc.).

  • Our municipal services are open.
    Call us or write to us:
    - 514 453-8981
    - information@villepincourt.qc.ca
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