Flushing of the Water System: Starting September 21

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  • Flushing of the water system
  • Date: starting September 21
  • Duration: +/- 6 weeks

  • Objectives of the flushing:
    - Dislodge deposits in water lines
    - Ensure water quality throughout the water system

  • Disruptions to be expected:
    - Slight drop in water pressure
    - Discoloration of your water

  • If your water is reddish or yellowish, turn on your cold water tap and let the water run until it is clear. Repeat this operation with all the taps in your home.

  • The coloured water does not pose any health risk.

  • Info: www.villepincourt.qc.ca/en/news/flushing-of-the-water-system


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