Notice of Written Consultation: Rousseau woodland project

Public sessions  


    - To people qualified to vote having the right to be registered on the referendum list of the entire municipality:

    - If you wish to oppose the proposed acquisition of the Rousseau woodland, please download the online form on the Town’s website, under tabs Citizen’s Services – Environment – Project: Rousseau Woodland at the website, and send in said completed form to the following email address: along with your proof of identity.

    - All written comments must be submitted during a period of 15 days following publication of the present notice, and as such before 11:59 p.m. on October 20 2020.

    - Each person must also establish their identity by submitting a copy of either their driver's license, their health insurance card, their Canadian passport, their certificate of Indian status or their Canadian Forces ID card.

  • The residential pools referred to in said borrowing by-law are divided as follows:

    - Pool 1 and 2:

      Some residences located near the Rousseau woodland area, such as:
      On 19th Avenue, Laflèche street, Place Rousseau, Olympique stree, and on chemin Duhamel.

    - Overall Pool: All residences situated throughout the territory of the Town of Pincourt.  

  • As such, the following taxation method has been established for the annual reimbursement of the expenses incurred: compensation of 4% for the immovables identified in Pool 1, compensation of 5% for the immovables identified in Pool 2 and compensation of 91% for the Overall Pool, which includes all taxable immovables on the Town’s territory.

    The cost is broken down as follows: an overall tax in the amount of $36.61* for all Town residences, including Pools 1 and 2.

    A special tax of: $283.10* for Pool 1 plus the overall tax ($36.61).

    A special tax in the amount of: $215.10* for Pool 2 plus the overall tax ($36.61).

    *These amounts are subject to change according to, among other things, market and interest fluctuations as well as in the event of a lower loan than was initially planned.

    For more information on the conditions to be a person eligible to vote having the right to be registered on the referendum list of the municipality, please refer to the public notice posted in the Town Hall entrance at 919 chemin Duhamel, Pincourt, QC J7V 4G8 or published on the Town’s website, under tabs The Town – Legal – Public Notice, at the following address:

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