Reminders: Branches and Bulk Waste

Domestic waste collection  

    - The collection of branches takes place every 4th Monday of the month from May to October.
    - The first collection of branches will take place on Tuesday, May 25, due to the holiday on Monday (National Patriots Day or Victoria Day).
    - Please wait before putting your branches at the curb.

    - The bulk waste collection will take place on March 26.
    - Only the following items are collected: bathtubs, showers, sinks, furniture and mattresses, carpets and toilets.
    - All other refused items must be taken to one of the region's ecocentres.

  • To find out where to bring your refused items, please use this sorting tool:

    - Street cleaning has begun. To facilitate the operations, please do not leave anything at the curb.
    - On collection days, please put your bins in your driveway.
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