Update Covid-19: April 7

Important notices, emergencies, and alerts  

  • Following the April 6, 2021 press briefing.

  • The government has announced changes in red zones, effective on April 8:

  • Ban on travel to a yellow zone.

  • A distance of 2 meters between seats of people who do not live at the same address in cinemas and theaters.

  • During outdoor group activities (maximum of 8 people), masks must be worn when people do not live together.


  • Indoor public places (sports and recreation) are closed except for swimming pools, ice rinks and tennis and badminton courts. Masks must be worn in arenas.


  • Training rooms (gyms) are closed.


  • Indoor areas of spas are closed (except water pools and personal care).


  • Maximum of 25 people in places of worship.



  • Back to school on alternate days for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders in High School.


  • No face-to-face after-school activities.


  • Distance learning at college and university levels (except for activities that must be held in person).

  • Info: www.quebec.ca/en/health/health-issues/a-z/2019-coronavirus


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