Registration to Activities: Starting August 25

Recreation and culture  

  • Recreation activities registration: Fall-Winter 2021-2022

  • Online registration only
    - Priority period for residents: August 25 to September 2, 2021
    - Open to all: September 3 to 8, 2021

  • Course programming:

  • To register online, you must first create a family account.

  • Please have on hand: parent's social insurance number, children's health insurance number, and medical/emergency information.

  • Payment by credit card only (secure site).

  • COVID-19

  • Due to the measures imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, course offerings may be partial or incomplete and are subject to change.

  • The Town of Pincourt and its associated partners therefore reserve the right to modify, in whole or in part, the programming or to cancel certain activities without notice. Thank you for your understanding.
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