Back to School: Rules to Follow

Important notices, emergencies, and alerts  

  • As we head back to school, here are a few reminders about road safety.

  • School bus
    - When approaching a school bus with its intermittent lights on or with its stop signal deployed, the driver of a road vehicle or cyclist must stop more than 5 metres away from the bus.
    - The driver of a road vehicle or cyclist may continue once: the red lights are out, the stop sign is retracted and the hazard is removed.

  • School crossing guard
    - When traffic is directed by a school crossing guard, all persons must obey his or her commands and signals.

  • Pedestrians
    - Drivers shall yield to pedestrians at intersections, in front of a crosswalk, at a stop sign and at a stop sign held by a crossing guard.

  • Speed
    - Respect the speed limit in a school zone.

  • Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Have a great school year!


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