Vaccination Passport: Application in Pincourt

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  • Starting September 1, the COVID-19 vaccination passport will allow those who are adequately protected or have a recognized vaccine contraindication to gain admittance to certain venues or engage in certain non-essential activities.

  • The vaccination passport will be required for everyone age 13 and older.

  • Recreation and Sports

  • Vaccination passports will be required for all sports activities taking place at the Omni-Centre.

  • Vaccination passports are required for participants in indoor sports and physical activities AND participants in organized and supervised (i.e. supervised by a club, association or teacher) outdoor team sports or physical activities involving frequent and prolonged contact. Please refer directly to the sports association concerned.

  • Vaccine passports are not required for library activities with 25 people or less that allow a distance of 1 meter (e.g. story time, lectures).

  • The vaccination passport is not required to use the washrooms or drink water at the Omni-Centre.

  • Citizens will need to present their proof of vaccination in electronic format, on paper or via the VaxiCode application.

  • Town Hall

  • Vaccination passports are not required for access to Town Hall.

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