Extreme Heat

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  • Heat warning in effect: until Sunday

    Temperatures will approach 30 degrees Celsius and humidex values could reach 40.

    The nights will be uncomfortable, with lows near 24 degrees Celsius.

    To refresh yourself:
    - Pincourt Library (225 Pincourt Blvd.), for air conditioning, open until 8:30 pm until Thursday, but closed for the weekend from 5 pm on Friday.
    - Splash Pad (375 Cardinal-Léger Blvd.), open until 9 pm.
    - Municipal pool (364 Olympique Blvd.), open until 9 pm.
    - Omni-Centre (375 Cardinal-Léger Blvd.), for air conditioning, open until 9 pm depending on demand.



    Preventive reminders:
    - Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. As appropriate, follow your physician's instructions regarding the amount of fluid to drink.
    - Avoid alcoholic beverages.
    - If you can, spend at least 2 hours a day in an air-conditioned or cool place.
    - Take at least one cool shower or bath per day, or cool your skin several times per day with wet towels.
    - Limit physical activity.
    - Wear light clothes.
    - Never leave a child, a baby or an animal alone in a vehicle or a poorly ventilated room, even for a few minutes.
    - In hot weather, avoid walking your dog on asphalt as it can result in serious burns to their paws.

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