Update COVID-19: May 1

Important notices, emergencies, and alerts  

  • Message from the government:
    - Presentation of the strategy of the Screening Plan, to find more positive cases.

    - Target of 14,000 tests per day, in Quebec, according to the contamination of the regions, and, divided into 6 groups.

    - As the street cleaning has begun, we ask you to be attentive and careful when the machinery and crews are near you. The safety of all is important.

    - The work on Duhamel Road having begun, we ask you, for safety reasons, to avoid taking steps in this sector. Due to the machinery present, it's best to visit other arteries in the town. Thank you for your cooperation

  • Government health measures:
    - Staying home saves lives.
    - If you go outside, stay 2 meters away from the others.
    - When you come home, wash your hands for 20 seconds.

  • Municipal services:
    Our municipal services are open.
    Call us or write to us:
    - 514 453-8981

  • Information:
    Visit the Coronavirus section of our website for local resources (psychological aid, food aid, etc.): Coronavirus.

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