Update COVID-19: May 4

Important notices, emergencies, and alerts  

  • Message from the government:
    - Stores of Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal(CMM):
      openings postponed to May 18.

    - Back to school currently maintained to May 19, for CMM cities.

    - The toilet is NOT a garbage can: disinfectant towels; women's sanitary products (tampons, etc.); cotton swabs (Q-tips); disposable wet wipes (wipes); dental products (dental floss); and condoms (condoms); go in the trash, NOT in the toilet.

    These products in the toilet cause a blockage in the sewer system, and increase cleaning costs.

    - CanceledJeunes Entrepreneurs de l'Île, CIEC, summer services.

  • Government health measures:
    - Make sure to stay 2 meters away from the others.
    - Reminder, wash your hands regularly.

  • Municipal services:
    Our municipal services are open.
    Call us or write to us:
    - 514 453-8981

  • Information:
    Visit the Coronavirus section of our website for local resources (psychological aid, food aid, etc.): Coronavirus.

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