How does it work?

What is InfoP?

The INFO-Ps are messages mainly sent by e-mail, or during an emergency, they are sent by text messages or phone notifications, in order to inform you of an existing or future activity or situation in your town.

Those are available on the Website of INFO-P in all time.
This new platform makes information about the Town of Pincourt more accessible.

Photo credit (Home page): Guillaume Fournier Viau

Who sends these alerts?

Only few employees of the Communications Department of the Town are authorized to send these alerts.

Why send me these alerts?

According to the categories you have choosen, a message is sent for emergency measures, works, activities registration period, important notice, collections and more.

Only information coming from the Town will be forwarded.


How many messages will I receive?

According to the categories you've chosen, it is impossible to predict how many messages will be sent.

We practice strict control, in order to ensure that our communications are relevant.

Will I receive advertisements or will I be solicited through Info-P?

Under no circumstances will users receive advetisments through Info-P.

Are you having trouble navigating on the site using your smart phone or tablet?

Verify that your operating system is up to date.

Latest version: iPhone/iPad: 6.1.3, Android: 4.3

*Please note that Windows Phone and BlackBerry are curently not supported.